i'm assuming that you love me...

(anything but debating.)

evangeline pinkpony
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I'm just this girl, you know?

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Date Created:2-15-2004
Number of Posts: 609

All-around girl wonder, pink guitar player, writer of bad fiction and worse songs, copygirl extraordinaire, loves the sauce and the Will, has a collection of dancin' shoes.
Strengths: Snark and sass alternating with unflinching sweetness, a one-woman good-cop-bad-cop routine, reading, finding weird shoelaces.
Weaknesses: Books, boys with glasses and guitars, the color pink, chocolate, sunshine.
Special Skills: Seat-of-the-pants cooking, wearing just the right amount of eyeshadow, copying stuff, smiling at the right times, singing along with Liz Phair.
Weapons: Snark and sass, "constructive" criticism, making friends with the right people, nice eyelashes.
Motto: "Je ne suis pas foutu autour."

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